Aimee Herman – Poem

go to Alaska

weep layers of bloody hips

we are plugged
in even when we
are not & why
can’t sewage be
romantic, since
reflections can be
found within its
oil slick and the
smell is no different
than breath in the
morning or

the whole world is a wasteland so grab a corner and fold this earth into something neater

sky is freckled, strangers
share whiskey & therapy bills
banjoes in background   lunges
against loft walls    thrusts of

the truth is:          love can only be mad if strangled daily

this _________ likes to
top from the bottom
this _________ cross-dresses
only when lighting is right
this _________ is a tour guide
through graffiti swamps

grab a needle   press into forearm that has been warned   get high on evening   get high on largest state in the U.S.     have threesome with Arctic & North Pacific & Bering Sea


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