Brian Rosenberger – Poem

Pussy Flambé

Stand back, for real,
warns a voice.
You might get your
eyebrows singed.
I’d heard the rumor.
Some miracles need to be
witnessed firsthand.
A woman scorned sure but
a pussy that could scorch?
Granted, I’d been burned
in past relationships but this…
this transcended love, transcended sex,
this was magic.
Primitive, tribal, no fucking CGI.
As the music played, we held our drinks high in tribute.
Let there be Light, motherfucker.
And there was – an orgasm of flame.
I felt changed, improved, better,
still I pitied and applauded
her lovers, easy to spot
by their 3rd degree burns.

Believe the unbelievable: Jessica Juggs.
1:30 mark and again at 2:19, 2:38, 3:58, and 4:24 in case you blinked.


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