Hal Sirowitz – Prose Poem

How to Maintain Trust

Her kisses ruined my evening. I kept exhorting myself, “Stay in the moment. Be happy what you’re getting. Don’t get stuck in the ‘Disease of More.'” But each kiss led to expectations, ending in frustration. “That last kiss,” I contemplated, “would have caused another woman to loosen her buttons. Why were my kisses doing nothing out of the ordinary? Should I use my hands? But didn’t she declare this only a touching of the lips night. Our hands weren’t supposed to be part of the equation. I was hoping my hands would fall asleep, but they stayed awake. It was like answering the telephone with your feet. Our hands were supposed to be held behind our backs.” I put my hand gently on her collar. “No hands,” she said. “You’re cheating.” “What’s a little cheating,” I said, “among friends?” “If you persist,” she said, “we might as well throw trust out the window.” Then, she got off the couch, and opened the window. “Go ahead,” she said. “Throw trust outside. That will technically end our kissing session.” Why out of all the woman in my Education and Evaluation class, I go out with the one who’s the most literal?

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