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Peycho Kanev – Poem

Little Fears

Hey, you dark sky prison for the birds

and their muted songs.

My sister is a flower!

Can you pick her up and lift her up

to the sun drunk of tar?

Allah doesn’t care for alcohol.

Water is the natural state of love,

as old age knits its endless webs hidden in

the dark. Myths dwell in my dusty attic,

and there they play of oblivion with

the yellowing photos.

Hey, you dark sky how many summer moments

do you need just to inhale once?

I have to grease your hinges and you will

stop creaking during the long autumn nights.

I know that your belly is enormous and you

can swallow all of the human sorrow.

We walk under you, with our heads bowed, our

arms raised, waiting.

Your endless clock is our own calendar

to eternity, that we’ll never be able to understand.

Philosophy is the other word of ours that leads us

to another of your countless dead ends.

Hey, you dark sky please kiss the mountain lakes

and search in their mirrors for your grandeur.

Be humble!

Rain is your tears, which I drink with endless thirst.

Could I cut you up with a wing of an albatross?

Could I dream your nightmares?


How many gods do you hide up there in your crowns

of illusion?

I want to climb your highest peaks and look through

your all-seeing eyes.

You’re not blind, right?

Let’s sing together for old times.

The memories are not forgotten, but reborn in your

eternal cycle.

What kind of photo album you got?

I will play my next heavenly part, then I will

share with you my plans for the future, which includes

wine, fish, and bread.

I believe we could arrange something!

Bring out your chess board, but beware– someone

else has prepared the winning moves.

The game is eternal!

Hey, you black sky peek through the window

and read these lines in my shabby notebook, before

I fed them to the hungry and burning candle.

Because I need some light.

Your imperishable darkness blesses me.